2019/2020 Open Enrollment
May 15-June 15

Each year, Open Enrollment gives you the opportunity to review and make changes to your coverage. If you would like to make any changes, such as changing plans (if plan choice is offered in your city/town) or adding or removing dependents from coverages, please complete the Individual Enrollment Form and turn it into your city/town representative by their deadline, which may be sooner than June 15.

  • About Your MMIA EB Coverage

    The MMIA Employee Benefits program is a self-funded health benefit pool covering the employees, retirees and families of 85 Montana cities and towns. MMIA is a local government entity, not an insurance company. Participants’ monthly premiums and the cities’ and towns’ contributions go into a pool that pays for medical, prescription, dental, and vision claims. MMIA contracts with various vendors to process claims and offer cost-saving services to the pool and its participants.

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    Wellness Program Changes

    This year’s wellness program is simpler and more streamlined. MMIA rewards you for healthy actions that not only improve your health but also help keep your monthly premiums under control by saving the municipal-funded pool money!

Documents and Forms

  • Individual Enrollment Form

  • Which benefits will my city or town offer starting July 1, 2019?

2019/2020 Plan Documents

The plan documents for 2019/2020 are effective July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020.

  • MMIA Standard Plan Document (SPD)

  • High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) Document (SPD)

  • City of Bozeman Custom Plan Document (SPD)

  • City of Great Falls Custom Plan Document (SPD)

  • City of Kalispell Custom Plan Document (SPD)